There are many uncertainties in life that need to be planned for

Life expectancy continues to rise so retirement will form a larger part of our lives. We need to plan for this anticipated and other unanticipated expenditure in the future. Other costs such as education costs seem to be going only one way – up. Have you factored in how these will affect your lifestyle?

If you have had unsatisfactory experiences in the past, the chances are you will have them again in the future if you do not take action. There has also never been so many investment products but which will propel you to your lifestyle goals and which will turn out to be detrimental for your future. These are not easy questions to answer and without a clear plan and investment strategy linked to that plan, there is a great danger of never realising those dreams as the unexpected always seems to occur.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Benjamin Franklin

At Northbridge Wealth Management, we will work in partnership with you to build and implement a financial plan that will help you deal with the unexpected when it happens.

Getting organised is a process. We will help you:

  • Implement an investment plan that achieves your desired future lifestyle.
  • Reduce tax liabilities, especially Inheritance tax payable by your heirs.
  • Review existing pension arrangements to decide if changes would be beneficial and if costs could be lowered.
  • Ensure contingency plans are in place for any unfortunate events.
  • Review and updates your financial plan regularly to take account of any circumstances that change in your life.


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